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Conquering anxiety is one of my specialist areas of expertise, having suffered with it personally for many years. At the point it became unbearable, I made it my sole purpose to learn the tools and techniques required to master my mind, overcome anxiety, and improve my quality of life. And I guarantee I can help you to do the same.

Relationship Issues

Our connection with the people we love is major key to our happiness and our ability to live a full life. Relationships have the power to influence your physical and mental health, for better or worse. I have extensive experience working with individuals on improving their relationships, as well as offering Couples Coaching and Family Mediation sessions. Your investment in building and maintaining healthy relationships is vital to achieving the ultimate quality of life.

Dissatisfaction In Life

Working with clients who are experiencing unhappiness is the most common issue I am presented with as a Life Coach. We all aspire to lead a life we are truly happy with, and making sure you are in that category is of paramount importance for a meaningful existence.

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    Success Stories

    “Holly has an ability to connect at the soul level with humility and eloquence, which I find highly motivating. She has an uncanny ability to listen, hold space and be present, a trait which is very rare. Sharing her knowledge and guidance gained from overcoming some of her own personal battles has been inspiring in showing me the way forward. She goes over and above what is required of her and I am very much looking forward to ongoing coaching work as this process has truly opened my eyes. Give her a call if you want to transform your life, it’ll be the best call you’ll ever make!”

    “My experience with Holly has been a huge success! I was able to easily identify the areas I wanted to work on and incorporate strategies to feel empowered and move forward. Holly helped me to identify a new mental framework for relationships where I can express what I need and how i feel without feeling anxious. I feel so much more free! Thanks, Holly, I’m so grateful for your expertise and sensitivity as well as your validation of my feelings and anxieties created in my past. Looking forward to setting some new goals and having a bright future!”

    “Holly is a little ray of light, offering an empathetic ear and a safe space to untangle. My time with Holly has been invaluable and helped me find and clearer and more empowered way forward, setting personal boundaries and building self trust. Forever grateful”

    Coaching Options

    Empowered House offers Life Coaching to fit your lifestyle, time and budget.
    As well as my most common coaching structure (once weekly virtual sessions), I also offer -

    Standard 1:2:1
    Conducted either virtually (most commonly) or in office at Empowered HQ (Horsham, West Sussex). These run at a standard coaching session length of up to 1 hour 15 minutes.
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    Shorter ‘Lunchtime’ Sessions

    Friends talking at cafe table during coffee break. Unrecognizable male and female colleagues discussing business issues, focus on coffee cup with saucer and teaspoon
    If you run a busy schedule or are tight for time, I offer shorter coaching sessions (lasting up to 45minutes) at a reduced rate.
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    Coaching Off The Couch
    Coaching Off The Coach takes away the formality of how traditional coaching is usually carried out, and introduces you with the option of a new, more creative way for us to conduct your sessions - off the couch! Our environment has a huge effect on how we best express ourselves, so if you feel you are more comfortable and connected whilst walking in nature, having a chat over a coffee, or sitting out in the sunshine, Coaching Off The Couch may be perfect choice for you. *Available for clients in Sussex, Surrey and London (including surrounding areas).
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    Home or Office visits

    Modern living room with view Big Ben at night in Landon, UK.
    Our coaching sessions can be conducted in your home, office, or a location of your choice. Available for clients in Sussex, Surrey and London (including surrounding areas).
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    Couples Coaching

    African american black couple husband and wife holding hands as psychological counseling support concept, understanding care in love, comfort empathy honesty trust in relationships, close up view
    I offer couples coaching either virtually, at Empowered House HQ, or in your home/location of choice. This is perfect for couples looking to work together to improve their relationship, resolve conflict or to achieve joint goals within their relationship.
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    Family mediation

    Happy cute little african american kid daughter embracing black dad at home, funny small mixed race child and father hugging cuddling, daddy and child love connection, family reunion, joint custody
    Family mediation can be conducted virtually, but are best achieved in person in your home. Coaching for families helps resolve conflict, and is your solution to settling difficult dynamics within the home environment. Family mediations can last up to 2 hours. *Maximum of 5 attendees per family session.
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      "Your are not what happens to you, you are what you choose to become."

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      How to develop your emotional resilience
      January 13, 2023by Holly0
      How to develop your emotional resilience
      Emotional resilience is the ability to cope mentally or emotionally with a crisis, or to return to pre-crisis status quickly. Lack of emotional resilience can be problematic, causing you to dwell on problems, feel victimised, become easily overwhelmed, or turn to unhealthy coping mechanisms, such as substance abuse. If you find some thoughts or feelings too difficult to cope with, or feel like you’re under too much stress, building your emotional resilience can really help - and luckily it is a trait you can develop!
      10 key steps for effectively dealing with your partners ‘baggage’ – How to navigate conflict and difficult family dynamics.
      December 7, 2022by Holly0
      10 key steps for effectively dealing with your partners ‘baggage’ – How to navigate conflict and difficult family dynamics.
      Unless you are still with your childhood sweetheart, it is inevitable that your current partner has experienced a past without you in it. Meeting and dating later in life will undoubtedly mean your partner has accumulated some form of ‘baggage’ along the way, as most likely you have too. This could be emotional baggage, where you or your partner are still experiencing the residual emotional effects from past situations (most of us have this in abundance, a topic for another day!) or, the focus of todays blog, which is baggage in the physical form of your partners family, associations, ex partners or children.
      My top 10 recommendations for Coaching related resources and content
      December 7, 2022by Holly4
      My top 10 recommendations for Coaching related resources and content
      For anxiety and panic relief – Barry McDonagh DARE by Barry McDonagh is a book/Audio I must have recommended to every client I work with who has anxiety. The DARE technique is the most powerful natural solution to ending panic attacks and feelings of general anxiety I am yet to come across. There is also a free app you can download which is really helpful in times of emotional crisis (search Dare: Panic and anxiety relief).