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Helping you overcome anxiety

Conquering anxiety is one of my specialist areas of expertise, having suffered with it personally for many years. At the point it became unbearable, I made it my sole purpose to learn the tools and techniques required to master my mind, overcome anxiety, and improve my quality of life. And I guarantee I can help you to do the same.

Signs that anxiety is negatively impacting your life:

Symptoms Of Anxiety

You feel nervous, unsettled and internally uncomfortable.
You are resistant to change, and dislike uncertainty.
You worry a lot about the future, or ruminate about the past.
You have a sense of dread, or think about the worse case scenario (catastrophic thinking).
Your sleep, diet, work or relationships are adversely effected by your thoughts.
You have physical symptoms such as nausea, needing the toilet more often, increased heart rate, restlessness, or panic attacks.
You have a loss of confidence in socialising, or struggle to be around people.
You feel dissociated or disconnected from yourself or the world around you.
You find it hard to make decisions.
You have a lack of belief in your own capabilities

How I can help you manage your anxiety

Empowered House coaching sessions for anxiety will provide you with a safe, confidential space for you to release your thoughts, and ensure you feel fully supported on your journey to inner-peace - with me be by your side every step of the way. You will gain a deep understanding of yourself, what anxiety is, and where is comes from. We will work together to diminish fear, and enhance your capabilities to manage (and live harmoniously) with difficult thoughts and feelings. Our aim is to significantly reduce the physical symptoms and side effects anxiety can cause, rebuild trust and security within yourself, and get you to a level where anxiety doesn’t prevent you from leading the life you deserve to live.

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