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Life Dissatisfaction

Life Dissatisfaction

Working with clients who are experiencing unhappiness is the most common issue I am presented with as a Life Coach. We all aspire to lead a life we are truly happy with, and making sure you are in that category is of paramount importance for a meaningful existence. Phases of feeling as though you are coasting along are to be expected, but if you have had a general discontentment with your life for some time now, I can guarantee Empowered House Coaching will be a game changer for you!

Signs That You Are Dissatisfied With Your Life

You feel flat, bored or unmotivated.
You lack purpose and fulfilment.
You want to make a big change or transformation.
You have low mood or depression.
You feel lost, without sense of direction.
You are frustrated with yourself.
You feel hopeless, or as though you have nothing to look forward to.
You compare yourself and your life to that of others.
You feel stuck and lacking in progress.
You’ve formed unhealthy habits that you want to address.

How I can help

Empowered House coaching for life dissatisfaction will provide a sense of direction, purpose and belonging. We will look at your expectations, perspective on life, and what is needed for you to feel grateful and content. I will present you with step by step guidance on the best way for you to move forward, and we will create an action plan to support you in forming healthy progressive habits that move you in your desired direction. Our aim is to increase motivation, energy and vitality, and connect you with your true potential. It’s time to reclaim your power, and close the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

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