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Low Self Esteem

Helping you overcome low self-esteem

How fiercely and fully are you loving yourself? Our self-esteem, confidence, and self-worth determine the value in which we hold ourselves in everything that we do in our lives. Our self-esteem significantly impacts our decision making, work, relationships, and overall mental wellbeing. Imagine if you entertained your potential as much as you entertain your self-doubt… you would be limitless!

Signs That You Have Low Self Esteem

You are a people pleaser, and lack the ability to express your own wants and needs.
You feel unworthy or undeserving.
You are insecure in your relationships.
You feel unable to be your true authentic self.
You compare yourself negatively to others.
You hold yourself back, or engage in self sabotaging behaviours.
You have a tendency to pass judgment on others.
You are shy, or lacking in social skills.
You have a negative body image.
You engage in unhealthy habits, such as using alcohol/drugs as a way of coping.

How I can help

Empowered House coaching for low self-esteem will provide you with the tools you need to reconnect and rebuild the relationship you have with yourself. We will explore and breakdown the contributing factors that have negatively impacted your opinion of yourself, and work to conquer these limiting beliefs. You will learn to shift your perspective, embrace your strengths and weaknesses equally, and believe in your abilities, skills and experience. We will delve into the principles of how to be more confident, and focus on you loving and valuing yourself for who you really are. This will result in you prioritising yourself, having the ability to express yourself more openly, allowing you to set necessary boundaries, and fully step into your power.

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