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Relationship issues

Relationship Issues

Our connection with the people we love is major key to our happiness and our ability to live a full life. Relationships have the power to influence your physical and mental health, for better or worse. I have extensive experience working with individuals on improving their relationships, as well as offering Couples Coaching and Family Mediation sessions. Your investment in building and maintaining healthy relationships is vital to achieving the ultimate quality of life.

Signs That Your Relationship Could Be Improved

Your communication is unsuccessful, or there is a lack of understanding between you.
You are facing challenges with sex and intimacy.
You feel disconnected.
You are navigating difficult dynamics with your partner/family member(s).
You are unable to forgive, or hold resentment for something someone has done.
You have trust issues, or a lack of ability to be faithful yourself.
You feel as though your needs aren’t being met.
You feel like something is missing from your relationship(s).
You struggle with codependency, or anxious/avoidant attachment styles.
You are prone to people pleasing, and always put others before yourself.

How I can help

Whether you are looking for support with your partner or as an individual, Empowered House coaching will provide a space for you to speak openly and in complete confidence, giving you the opportunity to unravel the core issues that are having the most undesirable impact on your relationship(s). Our focus will be on creating positive change, and releasing your grip on anything that is holding you back from fully connecting. You will gain the tools and techniques required to communicate successfully and resolve any conflict. We will work towards you ensuring your own needs are met, as well as making sure you are showing up as the best partner/family member/friend you can possibly be.

*I offer a premium home visit service for Couples Coaching and Family Mediation sessions.

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