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Struggling With Emotions

Struggling With Emotions

Whilst varying emotions are a normal part of everyday life, some of us experience feelings that are more volatile and difficult to live with. Many of my clients have come to me for coaching feeling as though their mind is working against them. This can happen over time, as we live through certain life experiences, and our minds begin to learn ways to survive that can be unhelpful and disruptive to us. In addition to negatively impacting our own quality of life, having the inability to control our emotions can also have a detrimental impact on our relationships and those around us.

Signs That You May Be Emotionally Unregulated

You struggle to control your anger.
You feel your emotions intensely.
You lack understanding of yourself and your feelings.
Your thought patterns make you feel anxious or depressed.
You take out your emotions out on those around you.
You worry excessively, or default to a negative outlook.
Your behaviour can be erratic, presenting as tantrums or outbursts.
You feel mentally exhausted.
You struggle to form healthy relationships.
You use alcohol/drugs to self medicate.

How I can help

Empowered House coaching will teach you the power of your thoughts, and how they lead to how you feel. We will identify and reduce your triggers, and work towards creating the mental capacity you need to give you more control on how you respond to your feelings. You will learn to interrupt your negative thought patterns, and replace them with more helpful ones. We will focus on building your resilience, and work towards you becoming more comfortable when dealing with uncomfortable emotions. We will also explore other contributing factors to your mental health, such as your self-care, diet, sleep, habits, etc. Our aim is to reconnect you with your true self, create and maintain a more stable and consistent mental state, and promote a sense of calm and inner-peace.

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